Trying to Adult Up

Well, after four years of studying in uni, graduating and passing the board exams, I’m finally here. This stage,huh. So many people have told me back then that once you start to work, you’ll want to study again. I’m about to begin working and I already kind of feel like that.

Since preparing for the board exams, I’ve been living alone for quite a while now. I’m glad to say I’ve been adjusting pretty well! It gets sort of lonely sometimes, but I can never really ask for more.

That’s only a small part of adulting, as I’ve realized. Being an adult means handling your finances well, working, buying groceries, paying bills, cleaning the house, washing your clothes, maintaining friendly relationships with people around you, and waking up early to watch the news. Being an adult means handling responsibilities that you take for granted before.

I used to be afraid of handling responsibilities, so much so that I ran away from opportunities because of it. Back then, I was just afraid of not receiving any support if the pressure gets to me. Now, I have confidence that I can handle juggling jobs, bills, people and myself, because I’ve grown so much out of the support I receive from my family and friends.

I guess part of being an adult is knowing when you have to speak up too. When someone is taking advantage of you, or if someone says something extremely crass. Don’t be too stubborn, but be determined to take a stand when you have to.

Part of being an adult is asking questions. Lots and lots of questions. You are trying to adult up but you don’t know that much yet. When in doubt, ask and clarify how to do certain things.

Now don’t get intimidated! Being an adult is exciting! There’s so much learning to apply in your life. Examining bills gives you a deeper sense of critical thinking to apply to your next budget. Also helps in being detail oriented. It’s the best time to meet new people, or nurture your past friendships. I can go to all the seminars or places that I want. I can go and make a difference by volunteering, or simply use up a whole day just to read books.

I feel like I am holding the world in my hands, and it’s kind of scary, but it’s also very, very, amazing.